Why We Love Elevate…

Bridget – 6th grade
The Elevate ministry is more than just a ministry, it’s a family. The leaders care about each and every person and are willing to pray and encourage us specifically. This strengthens us in the Lord, and I am thankful for that.

Jack – 7th grade
The Word of the Lord is extremely abundant at Elevate and it pours out to all the kids that attend services. Our unity and togetherness with each other is astounding, and it draws us closer not only to one another but also to our Heavenly Father. The youth group continues to help me every day of my life and never fails to show me the true glory of God.

Vanessa – 7th grade
I love Elevate! The best thing about it is Tuesday Night Tribes, or TNT. It combines my favorite things that make Elevate so cool you’ll come back. We have awesome worship times, a great pastor and growing in our relationship with God is our number one goal. Small groups allow us to learn and share with caring adults and kids our age. Games here are wild, unusual and crazy. So check it out!

Emma – 7th grade
A highlight of Elevate for me is summer camp. At summer camp I don’t have to worry about stuff, they have a great speaker and play fun games. Summer camp is a great way to get closer to God.

Cassidy – 7th grade
I’ve been in the Elevate ministry for two years, and really love it. I have great, supportive friends, an amazing pastor, and a fantastic small group. I always feel comfortable sharing things and worshiping at church. One of the biggest highlights of Junior High is summer camp!

Audrey – 8th Grade
I really enjoy Tuesday Night Tribes where we study God’s Word in small groups. I love my small group leaders! The outings are really fun too, such as Cornerstone, bowling and Operation Cabinet fill. Elevate has helped me grow closer to God and my friends.

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